Vegetarian Cooking Around the World

Tác giả: Alison Behnke

Thể loại: Ẩm thực – Nấu ăn

Nhà xuất bản: Lerner Publications

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Ngôn ngữ: English

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Giới thiệu:
Alison Behnke's Cooking Around The World is and international tour-de-force of delicious ethnic recipes, including wonderfully delicious low-fat dishes. After an informative introduction on vegetarianism around the world, vegetarian nutrition, holidays and festivals, and planning the menu, aspiring kitchen chefs are treated to sound advice about cooking safety, utensils, terms, special ingredients, low-fat cooking tips, and a metric conversion chart. From Stuffed Tomatoes with Feta Cheese, Potato-and-Leek Soup, and Curried Chickpeas, to Bulgur Salad, Mango with Cinnamon, and Passover Matzo Layer Cake, Vegetarian Cooking Around The World is a superb addition to any vegetarian kitchen cookbook collection -- especially for young cooks still learning their way around meal time preparations.