The complete poems of Emily Bronte

Tác giả: Emily Bronte

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This volume contains the complete poems of Emily Bronte. Of these twenty-two appeared in the poems of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell published in 1846.After the death of Emily Bronte, seventeen poems were published by Charlotte Bronte. These are all derived from a manuscript transcribed in February 1844 by Emily Bronte, and written in microscopic characters

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Kaitun Nguyen
05/10/2015 lúc 11:32

Emily Bronte's poetry is wild and beautiful. Ranging between gentle melancholy to fierce pride, her poems successfully capture human emotion. Many of her poems are about, or written from the viewpoint of the inhabitants of, the fictional kingdom of Gondal. Although these are set in an imaginary land, the Gondal poems stand well alongside the more personal verse. This particular volume is valuable because it includes a description and history of the Gondal saga Emily and her sister Anne created. It is often hard, in other collections, to tell which is personal and which is fictional, but here the Gondal poems are listed. This is very useful to those who wish to study this creation of the Bronte imagination. Also useful is the the chronological order of the poems (as far as can be determined), which makes it easy to follow her development as a poet. I recommend it highly.