Memories Of Midnight

Tác giả: Sidney Sheldon

Thể loại: Tiểu thuyết

Người đăng sách: viebooks.com

Ngôn ngữ: English

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Marie Chitali
05/10/2015 lúc 14:07

"Memories of Midnight" is an exciting novel that has long been one of my favorites. "Memories of Midnight" brings closure to the story I love and the wonderful character of Catherine Alexander Douglas. The portions that are new and follow the story of Catherine regaining her memory and Costa exacting his vengeance on his deceased lover are fantastic- exactly what I had hoped for. However, the novel repeats- often word-for-word- scenes and memories from its predecessor. I found myself skimming a good portion of this book, because I didn't need to reread exactly how Catherine met Larry, how their relationship went so wrong, how she almost died, and the trial of Noelle and Larry. In many of these scenes, Sheldon didn't even bother to reword the descriptions- Constantin Demiris is described in exactly the same manner in "Memories" as when we first met him in the original. Perhaps this is intentionally done, since we are dealing with memories in so many ways, but memories are ever changing. We never remember the same moment in time the exact same way. Our memories constantly reveal new facets to each situation, things we may not have noticed the first time around- and I sincerely wish that "Memories of Midnight" had done this, too, because it was distracting to know I was reading a novel I'd never read before, but one in which fully half of it was entirely too familiar.