Longman preparation serious for the toeic test

Tác giả: Lin Lougheed

Thể loại: Sách Tiếng Anh

Người đăng sách: Hạo Thiên

Ngôn ngữ: Việt Nam

Giới thiệu:
Longman Preparation Series For The New TOEIC Test Longman Preparation Series for the New TOEIC® Test: Advanced Course, Fourth Edition, gives students the skills, strategy, practice, and confidence they need to increase their scores on the new TOEIC® test. Ideal for a TOEIC® test preparation course or for self-study, the Advanced Course is intended for students who achieve TOEIC® test scores from 450 to 850. The Complete Audio Program is also available. The Advanced Course features: * New material that mirrors the format of the new TOEIC® test * Step-by step strategies and skills to improve performance on each section of the test * More than 1,000 practice items that reflect the format and content of the new test * An audio CD that includes the Listening Comprehension Review section from the book * An audioscript that includes all the material recorded for the complete audio program * Two TOEIC® -length review tests, one for Listening Comprehension and one for Reading * Two complete Practice Tests, with accompanying TOEIC® test-style answer sheets, for diagnosis or assessment and to prepare students for TOEIC® test conditions

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