Digital Fortress

Tác giả: Dan Brown

Thể loại: Tiểu thuyết

Người đăng sách: viebooks.com

Ngôn ngữ: English


Giới thiệu:
They were in the smoky mountains at their favoritebed-and-breakfast. David was smiling down at her. “What do y ousay , gorgeous?Marry me?” Looking up from their canopy bed, she knew he was the one.Forever. As she stared into his deep-green e yes, somewhere in thedistance a deafening bell began to ring. It was pulling him away.She reached for him, but her arms clutched empty air.

Bình luận (1)

Kaitun Nguyen
05/10/2015 lúc 11:21

Wow, where to begin. This is the second Dan Brown book I've read and I'm guessing it'll likely be the last. To begin, if you plan on reading this book, forget suspending your disbelief, rather tie up your disbelief, take it out back and shoot it lest it resurface while you're reading the book.