By The Pricking of My Thumbs

Tác giả: Agatha Christie

Thể loại: Phiêu lưu – Trinh thám

Người đăng sách: viebooks.com

Ngôn ngữ: English

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Giới thiệu:
AUNT ADA Mr and Mrs Beresford were sitting at the breakfast table. They were an ordinary couple. Hundreds of elderly couples just like them were having breakfast all over England at that particular moment. It was an ordinary sort of day too, the kind of day that you get five days out of seven. It looked as though it might rain but wasn't quite sure of it. Mr Beresford had once had red hair. There were traces of the red still, but most of it had gone that sandy - cum - grey colour that redheaded people so often arrive at in middle life.

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Kaitun Nguyen
05/10/2015 lúc 11:51

This book was delivered to my Kindle with no issues. The storyline was very captivating and enjoyable to read. Each character was easy to follow and most of them were interesting. I definitely was not expecting the ending to unfold in the way it did. The reason I rated the book only three stars was because of the resolution. It was very dark and a bit creepy; just not the type of ending I enjoy. I am a fan of light, happy endings and prefer the books with nice resolutions. So, if you like Christie's darker books then this one is for you. If you are an extreme Christie fan as I am, I suppose you will read this one eventually. But, if you are a first time Christie reader I would not start with this one because many of her books are far better to read than it.