Android Application Testing Guide

Tác giả: Diego Torres Milano

Thể loại: Giáo trình – Học liệu

Nhà xuất bản: NXB Viegrid

Người đăng sách: viebooks.com

Ngôn ngữ: English

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Giới thiệu:
Diego Torres Milano has been involved with the Android platform since its inception, at the end of 2007, when he started exploring and researching the platform possibilities, mainly in the areas of User Interfaces, Unit and Acceptance Tests, and Test Driven Development. This is reflcted by a number of articles mainly published in his personal blog (http://dtmilano.blogspot.com) and his participation as a lecturer in some conferences and courses like Mobile Dev Camp 2008 in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Japan Linux Symposium 2009 (Tokyo), Droidcon London 2009, Skillsmatter 2009 (London, UK), and he has also authored Android training courses delivered to various companies in Europe.

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