WALMART's plan to hire veterians wanting a job

Walmart is offering to hire more than 100.000 veterans in the next five years
If you’re a military veteran and you need a job- well, the nation’s largest retailer announced Tuesday, it might have a spot opened for you.  
WNYW ( : “Walmart is offering to hire more than 100.000 veterans in the next five years. By employing those who served our country at a time when they are in need of work.
   The program is set to launch on Memorial Day. But there are stipulations – veterans must have left active duty within the past 12 months and  not have been dishonorably discharged.    

President and CEO of Walmart U.S, Bill Simon – who is a veteran himself, said this about new program: “Veterans have a record of performance under pressure, they are quick learners, and they are team players. These are leaders with discipline, training and a passion for service. There is a seriousness and a sense of purpose that the military instills, and we need it today more than ever ’’

Simon did note that not every veteran wants to work in retail, but those who do- have a place to go.

And as CNN’s note – the new job openings come at a time when many veterans have been struggling to find jobs after leaving the military. CNN : “ Veterans of the most recent wars, the so called Gulf Era two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unemployment in that group was above 13.00 percent a year ago. And about 225.000 remained unemployed”.

And as Yahoo! News reports First Lady Michelle Obama commented Walmart for its support of veterans. “This is exactly the kind of act we hope would be possible…Today, my challenge is simple : for every business in America to follow Walmart’s lead”.

But other voices raised concerns. As The Guardian’s note : “Walmart employs more than 1.3 million people in the United States but many experts say that it pays low wages, often employs people for too few hours to qualify for meaningful health benefits and is hostile to any form of union organization among its staff”. Therefore, a PR campaign should be done by Walmart to explain about the veterans’ rights as the company’s employees.

Most of the available jobs will be in Walmart’s stores or its Sam’s club location. Some will also be available in the company’s distribution centers.
  This act of Walmart may reduce the unemployment rate in America and contribute a lot to the country’s economy, especially when the world’s economic crisis is getting worse and worse nowadays.